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Bluetooth marketing and advertising with Alterwave at the Ritzy

May 2007 : The Ritzy Brixton (UK) are sending movie clips FREE via bluetooth.

Die Hard 4 is the first movie being advertised over Bluetooth at the Ritzy.

Bluetooth marketing and advertising with Alterwave at the Gumball 3000

April 2007 : Get the Gumball video free over Bluetooth.

The 2007 Gumball 3000 rally kicked off on Sunday 29th April.

At the launch site in Pall Mall, fans, wellwishers and participants were greeted with a giant billboard instructing them to turn their Bluetooth on their mobile phones on, in order to receive exclusive multimedia content about the event. This was all possible thanks to the Alterwave box that is exclusively distributed by Square Group in the UK.

Gumball 3000 is an annual 3000 mile international car rally. The 2007 route will travel from London to Istabul via Amsterdam, Munich, Venice, Dubrovnik and Athens. Over 100 contestants are scheduled to drive through 16 countries in 8 days.

Avenue Q Bluetooth advertising marketing

Jan. 2007 : Alterwave sends puppets to London via Bluetooth.

The theater hosting the show Avenue Q, the famous musical performed by an unholy comedic alliance of humans and puppets, is sending video samples of the show via Bluetooth to people passing by.

Bluetooth marketing and advertising with Alterwave

Dec. 2006 : The agency Ogilvy organises a charity event supporting the charity organisation Orange Babies. During the event, guests are invited via a Bluetooth push to approach the television showing a crying baby, put in some money in the television that makes the baby laugh.

Bluetooth marketing and advertising with Alterwave

Nov. 2006 : The agency Chac N Chak promotes the french mobile operator SFR in the streets of Aix-en-Provence. The Bluetooth systems installed into backpacks carried by promo-girls are sending out promotional and entertaining video.

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