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Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Aug. 2007 :The Silver Surfer fly over Belgium and attack JCDecaux street furniture with Alterwave bluetooth weapons

The 4 Fantastic are back in the streets and, thanks to Alterwave technology, the public have the opportunity to download freely wallpapers and trailers on their mobile phones.

JCDecaux Belgium ask Alterwave to install Bluetooth hotspots in their street furniture in order to reinforce the impact of the 4 Fantastic campaign in the main cities of Belgium: Brussels, Antwerpen and Liege.

A series of Bluetooth hotspots are installed in the street furniture, located in high traffic areas, to sent free additional information about the film and generate interaction with this new movie distributed by 20th Century fox. Sending trailers and wallpapers is a new original marketing approach to incite the people in the street to watch the movie. Alterwave Bluetooth hotspots are designed to operate in environments where temperature variation are high and space is limited.

The hotspots are connected directly to servers allowing remote access, data reporting and maintenance without any human intervention. Thanks to Alterwave, film distributors are now able to add a new rich media dimension to their existing communication channels

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

July 2007 :Best photo competition to spice-up/reinforce Mastercard sponsoring of "La Terrasse de l'Hippodrome de Boitsfort" evenings.

Mastercard's objective was to strengthen the visitor's brand experience by encouraging participants to create and share their content right here, right now.

Each Friday, attendees could become actors of the evening by taking original photos integrating MasterCard branding such as: the card, the logo or any other element. Participants could then send those photos, from their mobile phone to the MasterCard hotspots via BLUETOOTH completely for FREE. Photos were instantly displayed on Plasma screens and participants could directly see the results of their creative artworks. To make it more dynamic, branded promo-girls circulate around the area to tease participants and explain the competition (Mastercard offered 250 EUR to the best picture !!!).

The results and participation level were outstanding! At least a photo every 2 minutes is sent to the Alterwave hotspots during more than 3 hours.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

July 2007 :Utopolis cinema a hotspot ahead in technology.

For the launch of Shreck The Third, Utopolis wanted to attract young people and families for the new Dream Works movie.

The objective was to reach as much people as possible at their arrival at the entrance near the cashdesk.

With this objective in mind, Alterwave equipped the area with several hoptspots, networked so that consumers are solicited only once. Those hotspots were airing not only wallpapers but also the movie trailer as well as a coupon for a present. Families, kids and young viewers had the opportunity to check out the trailer and collect their present when buying popcorn and CocaCola softdrink.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

June 2007 :Music in the air

From Les Eurockéennes to La Route du Rock festival in France, Fnac and Alterwave proposed fun and entertainment to attendees: information, games, and music to be downloaded freely on their mobile phones.

La Fnac, partner of the Eurockéennes of Belfort and La Route du Rock at Saint Malo, installed a Bluetooth hotspot giving visitors the opportunity to receive free information from their mobile devices.

Thanks to these hotspots, provided by Alterwave, everyone is able to receive animated program of the festival, free coupons on Fnac Music; the public is also able to participate to a large range of games proposed on

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

May 2007 : The 47th International Paris Air Show - Le Bourget...

...which closed on 24 June, has set new record with more than 153,920 trade visitors, i.e. 12% more than in 2005.

The Belgian pavillon hosted 52 Belgian companies and is equipped of 4 Bluetooth hotspots organised in LAN (Local Area Network) sending contents to the visitors which are immediately prompted when they arrive near the pavillon.

The content of the animated gif sent to the visitors is composed of a welcome banner, web addresses of the main associations which could guide the visitors interested by the Belgian aerospace capabilities and expertise: Awex, FIT (Flanders Investment Trade), Brussels Export, Sky Win (Aearospace Competitive Pole of Wallonia), Flag (Flemish Aerospace Group) and Gebecoma (Belgian Aerospace Industries Association).

During 5 days, more than 2000 visitors have the opportunity to receive Vcards and animated gif without any ecological foot print and papers waste.

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