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Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Oct 2008 : TMF and Fox adertise 4 new movies via Bluetooth proximity marketing

Fox and TMF (subsidiary of MTV) promote four new movies during the TMF Awards with Bluetooth proximity marketing systems provided by Alterwave.

Four groups of promoboys are walking through the crowd and are sending out wallpapers, MP3 and trailers of each new movie : Body of lies, The day the earth stood still, Max Payne et Yes man.

This event was a huge success in terms of the number of files downloaded over Bluetooth. The more enthousiasts youngsters were seen forwarding the pieces of content by MMS to their friends that could not make it for the evening, demonstrating that Bluetooth marketing is also generating viral marketing.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Sept 2008 : FNAC testing the Bluetooth marketing

The FNAC shop in Paris Saint Lazare is equipped with a Bluetooth proximity marketing system sending the best deals of the week, and e-flyers anoncing live shows. Some of these flyers containing wining unique numbers are rewarded by free tickets for these shows.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Sept 2008 : Nokia and their agency trust Alterwave to spice up the openning of the NTM show given the 18th september at Paris Bercy.

Within the series of events organized by Nokia Trends Lab, 10 promo-boys wearing backpacks containing battery powered Bluetooth hotspots are welcoming the fans by sending them mp3, videos and a contest awarding Nokia N95 8Gb phones.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Sept 2008 : LG France interact with its clients over Bluetooth

LG France, in collaboration with their agency, equipped more than 30 malls with interactive kiosks showing their latest products such as screens, electrical appliances and mobile phones.

Thanks to the technology developped by Alterwave, the users are receiving goodies, free of charge over Bluetooth, such as branded LG-wallpapers and also promotional messages with discounts on recently release LG-products.

The Alterwave hotspots feature the "Fit2Phone" functionality allowing the content to be optimized for each phone model.

The hotspots are installed for a long term with campaign changes scheduled each 4 to 6 weeks - via 3G.

May 2008 : TV Lux gets interested in Alterwave.

Through its show “Entreprendre”, the Belgian channel TV Lux has presented Alterwave as a well-positioned company in a growing and innovating market. Indeed, Alterwave shows its abilities to work with important clients such as Coca-Cola or Nokia, but also with smaller business such as local brands or pubs, disco, etc.

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