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Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Nov 2009 : Fanta relies on Bluetooth for distributing their mobile phone application.

Fanta branded coaches are embedding Alterwave Bluetooth hotspots sending out a voice transforming mobile phone application, which visitors can download free of operator charges in the surrounding of the bus.

The coaches are visiting the largest cities within France and feature also a picture studio and a karaoke activity.

Fanta Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Nov 2009 : Renault unveils Renault Z.E. with Bluetooth.

Renault present their electric cars prototypes Renault Zero Emission at the Atelier Renault on the Champs Elysée in Paris, a combined restaurant and exhibition hall.

This prestigeous prime location hosts the 4 new Renault Z.E.prototypes, as well as many information points on their upcoming 100% electric cars range.

Alterwave is particularly proud of narrowcasting information video onto the visitors mobile phones, via the Bluetooth wireless technology. This paperless media matches perfectly with the ambitious ecological initative of the french cars manufacturer.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Oct 2009 : Alterwave nominated at the Prize of the Technological innovation 2009.

Fruit of a partnership between the Walloon region, the Economic and Social Council of Walloon region (CESRW) and the Walloon Council of the scientific Policy (CPS), the Price of the Technological innovation was launched in 2005.

This initiative has as an ambition to better make known the achievements of the researchers and the companies innovating in Wallonia. Concretely, it is a question of rewarding for the Walloon companies, which, during last years, created in Wallonia a new activity because of utilization of the results of a research undertaken in Wallonia.

Alterwave is particularly proud to be within the 3 companies nominated in the SME category.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

May 2009 : Culinaria² broadcasts the menu over Bluetooth.

Sixteen chefs, known for their exceptional cuisine, counting a total of 25 stars in the "Guide Michelin", offer the unique opportunity to discover their art though a gastronomic garden party in the famous Cinquentenaire in Brussels.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

May 2009 : Bluetooth campaign for San Raffaele Hospital in airports.

San Raffaele Hospital, their marketing agency and Alterwave, have set up a Bluetooth campaign in 3 major italian airports : Rome Fumicino, Torino Caselle and Milano Linate.

The campaign lasts 2 months and aims at generating donations for financing medical research.

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