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Bluetooth marketing software : Proximity marketing on mobile phones through Bluetooth network access point - Alterwave develops its own interactive mobile solutions, which allow to sent content to mobile phones using Bluetooth access point.

Oct 2010 : Wilrijk (B), a district of Antwerpen, uses Bluetooth to communicate with their citizens.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Following an SMS campaign initiative, the District Wilrijk continues to trial innovative means of communication with their citizens. They are launching a free, as usual, Bluetooth communication information channel.

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Direct mobile marketing on mobile phones

Alterwave develops its own interactive mobile marketing solutions, which allow any type of content to be sent to mobile phones, PDAs and SmartPhones by using Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth hotspot (server) is typically installed in any public or private area, and is sending out for free over Bluetooth the content or applications to nearby mobile phones. These hotspots are managed centrally, for uploading content to be distributed by the hotspots, and to view statistics of the running campaigns.

Our team of technology and communication experts will make a success of all your proximity marketing operations, thanks to:

  • Support and advices during the design of the content
  • Management of the installation process
  • Measurement of results
  • A 100% free service for the consumers
  • Extremely high capacity systems for high traffic areas
  • Plug & play solutions adapted to your needs for your brands and campaigns (brand activation, buzz marketing, location-based services, street marketing, guerilla marketing, etc.)

From battery-operated portable units to network solutions, Alterwave is your best choice for a guarantee of success and effectiveness.

Our systems can either be rented on a short-term basis or purchased for longer-term operations.

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