Oct 2010 : Wilrijk (B), a district of Antwerpen, uses Bluetooth to communicate with their citizens.

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Following an SMS campaign initiative, the District Wilrijk continues to trial innovative means of communication with their citizens. They are launching a free, as usual, Bluetooth communication information channel.

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What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology, entirely independent of any global communication network (GSM, GPRS, UMTS), with low power consumption and operating over short distances (from a few metres to 100 metres). It is used in mobile phones, computers and printers, and was originally intended to replace wired connections. It is supported by worldwide players such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola or Microsoft. More details here.

What content can I send?

You can send any type of content: still or animated images, video, Java applications or special applications. Our products recognise the different models of mobile phone and send suitable content in the appropriate format.

The file size limit is determined by the available memory capacity of the mobile handset. Currently, video clips of 500 KB to 1.5 MB are accepted by the majority of phones.

Bluetooth server or hotspot

A Bluetooth server/hotspot is a standalone box which is broadcasting content to Bluetooth enabled phones being in the range (typ. 25 meters with most phones). See the user experience.

Proximity marketing via Bluetooth

Proximity marketing via Bluetooth is the use of Bluetooth hotspots in the frame of marketing or advertising campaigns, for instance by sending out advertising content over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth marketing software

The Bluetooth marketing software is the software suite running on the hotpots and on the server side to manage the remote hotspots. The network administrator, or the agency, uses it to upload campaigns, monitor and view the statistics.

How much does it cost to transfer data via Bluetooth?

Data transfer is free. This means you can send as many files as you like at no extra charge. The receipt of content by the consumer is completely free.

What is an LCU?

The LCU, or Local Control Unit, is a mini-computer that handles Bluetooth communications with the mobile devices.

What operating system does an LCU use?

The LCU runs under Linux, and benefits from the higher performance and proven security of this operating system.

Can I manage an LCU remotely?

You can remotely manage the system and view the results of your campaigns via a secure, password-protected Web interface. Content Management can also be carried out remotely, and Alterwave offers access via a code for long-term actions/networks.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored directly on the LCU and transferred to it just once, usually via the Internet. Data communication between the LCU and the mobile devices is free of charge.

What is the rental price?

The rental price varies according to a number of parameters such as: the type of device and number of hotspots, the type of content sent, the duration of the campaign, the temporary or permanent nature of the installation, the supplementary services required, and the proposed business model. On the basis of a precise briefing, we can give you a detailed quotation within 5 working days of your enquiry.

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