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Proximity marketing and advertising on mobile phones through Bluetooth messages - Distri-Lite is a straightforward, easy solution (hardware and software) for creating a Bluetooth network.

Oct 2010 : Wilrijk (B), a district of Antwerpen, uses Bluetooth to communicate with their citizens.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Following an SMS campaign initiative, the District Wilrijk continues to trial innovative means of communication with their citizens. They are launching a free, as usual, Bluetooth communication information channel.

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Distri-Lite is a straightforward, easy solution (hardware and software) for creating Bluetooth proximity marketing network.

The Bluetooth hotspots are installed in any public or private areas, and they are sending out the content to nearby mobile phones, free for the user over Bluetooth. These hotspots are managed centrally, for uploading content to be distributed by the hotspots, and to view statistics of the running campaigns.

How does it work ?

Bluetooth advertising
  • Opt-in,
  • receive coupons (with or without unique code),
  • receive music,
  • receive video,
  • order your content by Bluetooth,
  • view content on your mobile.
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  • Rich and varied content: images (png, jpg, gif), video (3gp, wmv), music (mp3, wma) or applications (Java, Symbian).
  • No cost for the consumer.
  • Flexible: management of broadcast and interaction distances, management of coupons by unique number, etc.
  • Measurable: evaluation of impact and ROI thanks to highly-detailed statistics.

Advanced functionalities

  • Extremely high capacity systems for high traffic areas
  • Opt-in or downloading triggered by hotspot proximity.
  • Sending of content adapted to suit each phone, taking account of the size of its screen and its ability to read multimedia files.
  • Centralised, password-protected interface for loading content and downloading statistics.
  • Remote management via fixed or mobile Internet connection.
  • For large-scale networks, e.g. in the distribution sector, the Distri-Lite terminal connects to the local server at the point of sale. The central server supplies periodic updates to the local servers via a secure connection. A guarantee of efficiency and speed!

Advertising on mobile phones - Synchronization

Campaigns and content management

  • Network operators can manage their hotspots remotely from the web interface Netwave.
  • Netwave allow to monitor running campaigns in real time, upload the pieces of content, and schedule their narrowcasting.
  • Netwave provides the statistics and the results of the campaigns.
  • The web interface is protected by an individual login and password, over an encrypted connection.
  • Contact us to learn more about Netwave and its access conditions.

Bluetooth proximity marketing

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