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Oct 2010 : Wilrijk (B), a district of Antwerpen, uses Bluetooth to communicate with their citizens.

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Following an SMS campaign initiative, the District Wilrijk continues to trial innovative means of communication with their citizens. They are launching a free, as usual, Bluetooth communication information channel.

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Distri-Full offers similar functionalities to Distri-Lite Bluetooth marketing software, running on the same hardware, but managed in a more user-friendly manner by means of a Java application downloaded on to the phone in order to optimise the user’s experience.

This interface offers a high degree of fluidity in the interaction with the hotspot, as well as an encrypted link to allow financial transactions.

The user chooses the content by description, and then downloads it with a few clicks.

How does it work ?

Bluetooth proximity marketing
  • Download and install the Bluetooth browser from the access point,
  • select the content via the advanced interface,
  • use the integrated search engine,
  • open the content from your message inbox, or from the browser.

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