Oct 2010 : Wilrijk (B), a district of Antwerpen, uses Bluetooth to communicate with their citizens.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

Following an SMS campaign initiative, the District Wilrijk continues to trial innovative means of communication with their citizens. They are launching a free, as usual, Bluetooth communication information channel.

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Reaching consumers and raising their brand awareness in the places where they go and consume is a perennial preoccupation for advertisers.

The services offered by Alterwave allow advertisers to become veritable local network operators, in direct contact with consumers, with full remote control of terminals and content. Some of the benefits of these services are as follows:

  • increase traffic in the place of consumption,
  • increase goodwill towards the brand,
  • offer additional information about products displayed in stores,
  • create interactivity with the consumer,
  • generate additional revenues.

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